helo® skin care

helo® skin care originates from the Danish pharmaceutical business Faaborg Pharma, that has been market leaders on problem-solving skincare for very dry, irritated and complicated skin since 2001.

In 2001 founder and pharmacists Sten Grønved invested everything in giving, people that suffer from different skin conditions, a better quality of life, through mild and hypoallergenic products. Faaborg Pharma was born, and ever since Sten Grønved has helped thousands of people with his variety of problem-solving skincare.

The skin care products have been developed based
on the motto; that skin care should help your skin barrier to become more resistant, well cared for and avoid using ingredients that bother the skin and potentially can cause allergic reactions.

We want to give people with skin problems a better quality of life with honest products. Products with safe, proven but as few as possible ingredients, which actually works because of the research behind.

It took Sten Grønved 5 years to develop the recipe for helo® PSO, and the result is a unique and patented combination of the active ingredients: Boswellia, Vitamin B12 and Urea, which soothes dry itchy and scaly skin, and is also suitable for people, who may be prone to psoriasis.

Faaborg Pharma is specializing in developing and producing a diverse range of care products encompassing hygiene, disinfection, and skincare. Our products are developed by founder and pharmacist Sten Grønved and are rooted in time-honored pharmacy principles, using predominantly pharmaceutical grade ingredients and under ISO certified conditions.

Faaborg Pharma primarily serves the healthcare sector, including pharmacies, hospitals, specialized physicians and dermatologists.